Our 5-month-old was waking up very early, struggling with 30-minute naps, and his night wakings were getting worse and worse, leaving us all exhausted. Within a week of working with Angela, our little guy was taking at least one hour and a half long nap a day, waking up later in the morning and just one time at night. She came up with a good plan tailored to our family and checks in often to see how things are going. Highly recommend!


5 Month Old, Allentown, PA

Angela has the patience of a Saint. My then 1 & 1/2 / 2 year old was co-sleeping with me and refused to sleep in her own crib. We tried to eliminate the crib and got her a full-size bed. (Bad idea for us) this is where Angela came in .. she created an amazing sleep plan, helping our daughter adjust slowly to her new bed and room. Despite our daughter’s best efforts, she eventually caught on. Even after I had our second child and her sleeping habits became unscheduled, Angela was there to help me every step of the way to get our girl back on track! Although it took time on mom and dad’s end, Angela was always willing to assist and help us even to this day if we still need her! She is very supportive, listens to her client’s needs, and the needs of the children! I am so much more comfortable going into sleep training with baby #2 (who is now 1 year old). Thank you Angela and Knappenberger Sleep Consulting .. you saved mine, both daughters, and my husband’s sleeping! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate/ed your patience and current assistance when I still have questions arise two years later!


2 Years Old, Bethlehem, PA

Angela is a great sleep consultant. We got in touch with her via Reddit after looking for someone to help us refine our sleep training approach. We did a one-hour consult over Zoom with Angela, during which we never felt rushed. She was very helpful, nonjudgmental of the approaches we had taken so far, and answered plenty of questions we had very clearly. We would highly recommend her to anyone who is about to start sleep training or who has already started but needs help making their process as effective as possible.

4 Months Old, New York, NY

Angela was awesome to work with! She made sure she knew every detail of our hectic schedule to come up with a plan that would work well for everyone. She was very responsive to all of our questions and very encouraging when we needed it! The first night was very trying, and we quickly realized that our methods needed to be re-evaluated. Angela was supportive and gave us a new strategy which worked much better for all of us! By night 3 or 4, everyone was sleeping peacefully again! She helped work out a good nap schedule for our daughter and there is no longer anxiety over “will she nap today?” Angela evaluated our sleep logs and provided comments when needed. If she saw something off, she would reach out to ask what may have happened that day. She was very easy to communicate with and responded timely to any questions we had. Working with Angela was a positive experience and a decision I wish we would have made sooner!!!


8 Months Old, Quakertown, PA

Angela was very helpful in helping our son sleep on his own in his crib. She explain the steps she would help with him and how to properly prepare his room in order for him to sleep through the night and have great naps. My son is 14 months. And for my son, this took 3 days just to sleep through the night. I do highly recommend her. She knew my struggle points and even if she did not know the answer to my issues with my son. She would ask her colleagues and will soon get back to me.. she will help you through every step of the way. So that you don’t feel alone.
Thank you, Thank you, thank you so much, Angela


14 Months Old, Salisbury, PA

Angela is a lifesaver!! My only regret is not calling her sooner. We dealt with a non-sleeper for 11 long months before we found her, and within a week our baby was on a solid nap and nighttime sleep schedule! Angela was communicative, answered all of our crazy questions, and continues to follow up with us to make sure everything is going well. She sent us several resources to keep for reference as well. 10/10 WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS MIRACLE WORKER!!!


5 Months Old, Chicago, IL