Group Coaching Sleep Support Package- Toddler


1 Month of Group Coaching for you and your Toddler!


A full month of Group Coaching to drastically improve your toddler's sleep!

We will meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am (EST) in our own private Facebook group! Each session will be immediately followed by a Question and Answer Session.

Let's get your toddler sleeping in their bed all night! I will teach you how to prevent early morning wake-ups, make naps longer, handle nap refusals, bedtime battles, bedtime stalling tactics and more! By the end of our time together, your toddler will be able to sleep 11-12 consecutive hours in the night and take GREAT naps! Together we make your toddler the best sleeper on the block!

*Q & A session immediately following the conclusion of each session of the workshop


*This specific Group Coaching Sleep Support Package is designed for toddlers 18 months and older.


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