45 Minute Mini Session




Your little one is sleeping like a dream, FINALLY! UNTIL…
  • A sleep regression hits!
  • Or baby gets sick!
  • Or baby randomly starts waking in the night!
  • Or baby wakes at 5am every day! Wide-eyed and bushy-tailed.
  • Or baby has suddenly decided that naps just aren’t his thing.
  • Or [Insert any other frustrating sleep challenges you are facing]

Sleep regressions will happen as your child grows and develops cognitively, physically, and emotionally. If you recently have been dealing with a new frustrating sleep challenge, then it’s time to chat. Our mini-session is the perfect way to educate you on the changes to make today to get baby over the speed bump and back on track.

  • Sleep Intake Questionnaire
  • 45 Minute Phone Consultation
  • Follow-Up Email with Resources Discussed
  • 15 Minute Check-In Call after you’ve implemented my advises

**This package is not meant to replace the work done for some families in a Private Sleep Coaching engagement. This package is meant for families whose little one normally sleeps well but now is struggling with 1 or more of the setbacks listed above.


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