Group Coaching Sleep Support Package- Baby


1 Month of Group Coaching for you and your Baby!


A full month of Group Coaching to make your baby the best sleeper around!

We will meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am (EST) in our own private Facebook group! Each session will be immediately followed by a Question and Answer Session.

Learn how to work towards independent sleep for your baby! Together we will tackle early-morning wakings, night feedings, frequent night wakings, short naps, overtired prevention, and more! You will also learn how to set up your baby's nursery so that it fosters good sleep as well as how to dress baby for sleep. By the end of this program, your baby will be a GREAT night time sleeper, and a GREAT napper! Baby will be able to get to sleep without rocking/pacifying/bouncing/nursing/feeding and get back to sleep without those things as well! Let's get baby (and you) the sleep he/she deserves!

*This specific Group Coaching Sleep Support Package is designed for babies 4-17 months of age.


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